Bernie Cornfoot and Sons Full Range of Earthmoving Equipment

Bernie Cornfoot and Sons Full Range of Earthmoving Equipment



Bernie Cornfoot and Sons Earthmoving, operate a range of custom built Laser buckets.

Capable of cross grading and with integrated rippers and low ground pressure, our laser buckets are capable of working at productive levels in environments (wet, swampy etc.) where scrapers and excavators fail to deliver efficiency. Coupled with Case Quadtraks, the extremely low ground pressure of the equipment also allows high production levels in environmentally sensitive areas.

They are equipped with cushion hitches, to deliver operator comfort and enable high speeds on haul roads. They are able to grade roads and stockpiles and rip hard ground; essentially taking the burden from graders working in a team of scrapers.

We have found over many projects, using a lazer scraper in a team of scrapers ensures ground can be ripped where necessary, haul roads kept tidy, and difficult cross grades managed. This translates to greater efficiencies from all the plant working in conjunction with the lazer scraper. 

Most of our machines operate GPS, and we offer GPS by choice of which you desire.
All machines are for wet or dry hire.