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Quality Assurance


Bernie Cornfoot and Sons has been operating since the 1980s in earthmoving and transport throughout Australia.

Bernie Cornfoot and Sons earthmoving assures all clients that we are wholly committed to supplying services with the highest standard and to the individual requirements of all customers. This assurance comes from the implementation of a quality management system which will provide customers with the confidence that:

  • All contractual obligations are satisfied
  • Evidence of compliance with the specified requirements of each contract is produced;
  • All employees of the company are committed to providing quality service, working within a culture that places safety above all else;
  • All sub-contractors of the company will comply with the company quality management system.

Bernie Cornfoot and sons quality management system is modeled in accordance with the requirements of Australian Standard 3902-1987 "Quality Systems for Production and Installation".

Bernie Cornfoot and Sons also employs risk management systems, Environmental policy systems, and OH&S systems.